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Reputation and Credibility


Evidence of what works is important - anecdotal and evidence-based. Equally important is what participants walk away with, how they feel and the skills learned to move their lives forward.


"I have learned through this Power Source Program to control my anger, to step back and breathe, to have cool thoughts. Walt and Aldo made it awesome and relatable."

Cynthia M.

“At GPS they helped me think different when I am triggered. Power Source really helped me to not get out of character. I wish we had more of this."

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Sandy Waterhouse
Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps

"GPS has made an incredible difference in our outcomes with the Power Source program. Attendance is up 80% and all of our students in their class tested clean for all substances - that was a first for our program! Aldo and Walter are great to work with the youth. I highly recommend GPS."

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